Emma Stone's Reaction to THAT Best Picture Mess Is So Damn Relatable

When Emma Stone realizes the twist ending #Oscars #BestPicture pic.twitter.com/nkm1nDLnmE

— Marion Maitland (@nadatostada) February 27, 2017

The Oscars ended with a bang on Sunday night when La La Land was mistakenly named best picture (Moonlight was the real winner), and everyone appropriately freaked out. In addition to hilarious internet reactions and celebrities speaking out on social media, there were also a few standout moments from inside the show. Emma Stone, who joined her cast and crew at the microphone when La La Land was announced, looked so confused as show producers stormed the stage to try and correct the mistake as quickly as possible. Once she realized what was actually happening, she repeatedly said "Oh my God" as her face fell. While we will never understand the Oscars element to this moment, we do know that face so well. Realize you left your straightener plugged in when you're already at work? Yep. Just got into bed when you realize you forgot to prepare for that big 9 a.m. meeting? Yep. See your ex walk into a bar? YEP.