Emma Watson Throws Her Support Behind Patricia Arquette

Oscar winner Patricia Arquette is getting plenty of attention, both positive and negative, for her comments on women's equality at the Oscars on Sunday, but one star who is firmly in support of the actress is Emma Watson. Immediately after Patricia's passionate acceptance speech about equal pay, Emma tweeted a link with the caption, "Yes Patricia Arquette, Yes. Love You." Emma wasn't the only one excited by the Patricia's initial quotes, which were met with roaring applause from the Oscars audience.

The tides turned a bit after Patricia elaborated in the press room with comments that many thought were insensitive to women of other races and sexual preferences. Emma's support didn't waver though, and she tweeted yet another link to spread the feminist quotes.

Emma has been vocal about her support for women's equality, specifically through the HeForShe campaign that she spoke about during the UN General Assembly in September. When Steve Carell showed his solidarity with the campaign by wearing HeForShe cufflinks at the Oscars on Sunday, Emma shared her heartfelt thanks in a sweet letter posted to Twitter.