You Won't Guess Which Song This Father-Son Duo Lip-Syncs

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What do a father and a son listen to when they're on a road trip? Well, Chris O'Malley and his 15-year-old son, Sean, were happy to rock out to Guns N' Roses while they were driving, but they hesitated when Taylor Swift's song started playing. Chris said the lip-sync videos are a family tradition, saying they started as a way to pass the time with his teenage daughter. After posting several videos on Facebook, people suggested that he start posting them on YouTube. He said, "I hope this video encourages more parents to do fun stuff with their kids, and I hope teenagers can get over being cool for a minute and goof off with Mom and Dad." As for this video, he joked, "It's hard to be tough singing to a T. Swift song. We just rolled with it and shook it off." Watch the cute lip-sync video above, then check out more must-see viral videos!