11 Times Joe Keery's Interviews Made Me Laugh Way Harder Than They Should Have

Joe Keery has made his way into the hearts of many as Stranger Things character Steve Harrington. He's become a fan favorite on screen, but behind-the-scenes, the 27-year-old actor is just as sweet and charming as Mama Steve. He might not give fans a super in-depth look into his life on social media, but his hilarious remarks and chemistry with some of his costars — notably Gaten Matarazzo — during interviews suggest that he has a whole lot of personality (just like his hair). Between perfectly mimicking the Australian accent of his costar Dacre Montgomery and making Gaten crack up while answering the web's most searched questions, Joe is a real gem to watch. Ahead, view some of his funniest interviews to date!

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When He Had to Answer the Question "Is Joe Keery Pregnant?"

While answering the web's most asked questions for Wired, Joe had to let people know that he isn't pregnant because, apparently, Google searchers are curious. Meanwhile, Gaten literally hit floor in a fit of laughter. Watch the hilarious moment at 3:09.

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When He Became Ben Schwartz's Dad For a Day

After fans noticed some similarities between Joe and Ben (as well as their characters in Stranger Things and Parks and Recreation, respectively), the two actors sat down for a satirical interview before hanging out together as father and son — with Joe being the father, of course.

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When He Advised Someone on Bed Rest to Eat Tomato Soup With a Glass of Milk

Truly, this entire video is worth multiple views, but if you want to see Joe confuse the heck out of Gaten by telling someone to eat tomato soup with milk, skip to 2:03.

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When He Told Someone He Was Ansel Elgort

25 seconds into this clip for GQ, Joe reveals that someone mistook him for Ansel Elgort, but he totally went with it.

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When He Talked About Getting Kicked Out of the Stranger Things Kids' Group Chat

I can listen to Joe imitating text noises with "blalalalaloop" all day long, TBH.

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When He Rocked an Old Corduroy Hat on That Gorgeous Head of Hair

Normally, I'd object to his hiding his luscious locks, but he does somehow make that hat work at 4:55.

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When He Thoroughly Enjoyed Looking Into Gaten's Eyes

He was actually mesmerized by Gaten's eyes. You just have to love their bromance.

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When He Mistook Leg Warmers and Fishnet Gloves For, Uh, Something Else

That look of terror at the one-minute mark . . . I felt that.

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When He Apparently Saved Maya Hawke's Life While Filming

He's a real-life hero, too!

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When He Imitated Dacre Montgomery's Australian Accent

OK, he must have practiced that accent because it's way too spot on. Even Dacre was impressed!

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When He Thought of a Punchy Stranger Things-Related Joke on the Spot

The interviewers thought they were clever coming up with Stranger Things jokes, but Joe was one step ahead of them.