Gwen Stefani Is Probably Not Pregnant, but She Sure Is Glowing

On April Fools' Day, Gwen Stefani took to Instagram with a too-real joke. "It's a girl," she captioned a picture of an ultrasound. Gwen appeared on Good Morning America shortly thereafter, and her glowing smile was enough to convince us of one thing: she's probably pulling one over. That said, it wouldn't necessarily be a surprise if Gwen was expecting a baby with Blake Shelton. Things have heated up pretty quickly between the couple since they started dating in November. In the short time since, they've had some pretty epic PDA, spent the holidays together, and even attended a wedding as each other's date! And yet, we're still going to go ahead and say a baby must be pretty far off. Keep reading to see the snap in question, then check out the other pics from Gwen's Friday outing.