The Reaction Gwyneth Paltrow Gets From Pranking People Will Make You Feel Sad and Also LOL

Gwyneth Paltrow is an A-list movie star, a savvy businesswoman, and a mother to two adorable kids, but she might want to work on her pranking skills for her New Year's resolution this year. Since the Goop founder prides herself on being an expert in all things health and lifestyle, she recently teamed up with Derek Blasberg for a new episode of The Scene's Derek Does Stuff with a Friend! to test out her knowledge. In addition to going undercover as a facialist, she also tries her best to surprise people while acting as a spray tanner and a waitress at a local restaurant. While we're used to seeing people freak out when surprised by celebrities, the unsuspecting people on the receiving end of Gwyneth's pranks just don't seem to get that excited. She did redeem herself a little bit in the restaurant, however, when one woman appeared to quietly tear up from shock. Watch it all go down above!