Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Life After Her Split From Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow shared candid details about her family and divorce from Chris Martin on Friday. In the actress's keynote speech at the #BlogHer15 conference in NYC, Gwyneth explained how she talked with their kids — Apple, 11, and Moses, 9 — about the former pair's "conscious uncoupling" in March 2014. She also touched on moving forward with Chris (hint: brunch is vital), how she reacts to stories that rub her the wrong way, and her journey as a lifestyle entrepreneur at the helm of Goop.

Gwyneth's comments are the latest example of her willingness to open up about her life off screen. In July, she posted an Instagram capturing her cute moment with son Moses and Taylor Swift, and earlier that month, she honored Chris with a sweet snap of the proud dad with daughter Apple on Father's Day. Keep reading for Gwyneth's best quotes and pictures from her big day.

  • On her new dynamic with Chris: "I'm very, very lucky in that I have a partner who is willing to do it with me in a really collaborative way. Fortunately, even though we couldn't stay in a romantic relationship, our values are very much around the importance of family and the importance of those relationships."
  • On working through challenges with her ex: "It's been hard, and we've gone through really difficult times, but we've always said these children are our priority. What that really means is, even though today you hate me and you never want to see me again, we're going to brunch because it's Sunday and that's what we're going to do."
  • On how she talked to Apple and Moses about the split: "I don't know how much they're aware of. One of the things I said to them, originally, when we were separating is, 'You know daddy and I are really famous, and there's going to be a lot of stuff out there I can't control . . . but you know what it is to be here in this house."
  • On understanding her reactions to comments about her: "If you read something bad about yourself and it stings you, I've learned that somewhere that's a judgment I'm holding about myself, so I'll try to work through that."
  • On not giving time and thought to tabloid reports: "I definitely don't read any tabloids. You really have to find a way to separate the words of people you respect — stranger or not, but respectful content, positive or negative — and people who are just in pain and projecting their own sh*t onto you."