Breaking Down the Subtle Power and Hilarity of Harry Styles Saying "Oh Sh*t"

The internet somehow knew I needed a pick-me-up this week, so it worked a little magic and resurfaced a short but oh-so-sweet video of Harry Styles saying, "Oh sh*t." It's not just any ol' "oh sh*t," though, and most certainly not the kind you exclaim under your breath after stubbing your toe or running into an ex in public. It was uttered with a certain innocent, dad-like energy that has me, and will likely have you, slamming the "play" button repeatedly to witness it on a loop.

First shared last year and now making the rounds again, the clip captures Harry interacting with a fan on the streets of Hollywood after scooping up some groceries. Said fan, who goes by Kid the Wiz on social media, delivers a dramatic to-camera intro of the "Adore You" singer and proceeds to flip his hat, making it do a 360 and land back on his head. In response, Harry lets out his effortless "oh sh*t" and a laugh before giving him a handshake. The video may only be eight seconds long, but there are so many details that need to be unpacked, so naturally, I've chosen to dissect it moment by moment in a bulleted list that literally no one asked for.

  • First and foremost, I must acknowledge Harry's outfit. It's giving me serious eighth-grade science teacher vibes, and I'm honestly not opposed. The pleated khaki pants! The leather, tassel-adorned loafers! The sunglasses pushing back the hair! The half-zipped jacket! I'm very here for this casual grocery shopping lewk.
  • I must urgently know what Harry purchased at the store. He appears to be toting two full bags, but it's damn near impossible to tell what's hiding inside. Perhaps some strawberries to enjoy on a summer evenin'?
  • Please kindly direct your attention to Harry's right thumb, which remains awkwardly raised throughout the video. Legend has it his thumb hasn't been put down to this day.
  • I love that little glimpse at his black nail polish as he goes in for the handshake. I wonder if he's more of an Essie or OPI guy.
  • He's channeling the same energy I possess while pretending to be impressed by any child's "cool trick" they want to show me. But honestly, I love him for that — he's so darn sweet.
  • Now that I've watched this video upwards of 67 times, I just might have to get "'Oh sh*t' — Harry Styles, 2019" engraved on my tombstone.
  • It's truly only a matter of time before the "oh sh*t"-themed fan merch starts popping up on Etsy. I'd totally buy a candle with the phrase plastered on the label.

I'll be filing this one under "videos to revisit when I need to be reminded that not all men are trash," right alongside Harry's "Watermelon Sugar" music video. Now, please excuse me while I play this audio on a loop as my personal form of ASMR.