You Definitely Won't Recognize Heidi Klum in This Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume

Heidi Klum did it again! The supermodel showed up to her 16th annual Halloween party, which was sponsored by SVEDKA Vodka, at Lavo in New York City on Saturday night in a spot-on Jessica Rabbit costume. After emerging from the dark, Heidi revealed her amazing getup, which included prosthetic breasts, fake eyelids, a fake butt, and a red wig. And to get even more into character, Heidi performed Jessica's famous song from Who Framed Roger Rabbit for her guests and the press.

The mom of four, who shared sneak peeks of her costume on her Instagram, revealed that it took about 10 hours to get ready. "It's very hard for me to hold still, especially when you have to stand up," she told Us Weekly. "When they did the face, I could sit, but then when the body was being glued on, I had to stand for so many hours, and that's kind of hard." Keep reading to see more of Heidi's 2015 costume, then look back at more of her outrageous costumes over the years.