This Picture of Helen Mirren Riding the NYC Subway Has Gone Viral

Helen Mirren's dame status isn't stopping her from taking public transit like the rest of us, and one of her fellow passengers has the epic picture to prove it. On Friday, Instagram user j_l_nyc couldn't help but capture the moment during a ride on NYC's MTA subway. "Well, that just happened | Dame Helen Mirren sitting across from me on the R train #helenmirren #subway #holycrap #NYC," the lucky person captioned the snap. In typical Helen fashion, the Oscar winner wore an elegant coat, black dress, and lilac gloves, which were firmly placed on her oversize handbag. Although Helen had plenty of space to move about, she was sitting close to a gentleman who didn't seem too intimidated to sprawl out. Then again, the guy very well could have been her husband, Taylor Hackford, and subway goers might be accustomed to traveling with stars by now. In May, Mariah Carey was dressed to the nines when she caught a ride, and it's impossible to forget that time Michael Bublé put on a show for passengers.