You Won't Believe the Hilarious Picture Jennifer Lawrence Has on Her Phone

Courtesy of Lionsgate
Courtesy of Lionsgate

Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, and the rest of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 cast and crew were on hand in NYC on Saturday to talk about their film (which hits theaters on Nov. 21) and reveal more than a few secrets about life both on and off the set. For example, did you know the truth behind Jennifer and Liam's kissing scenes? Or the silly selfie that Jennifer has stored on her phone? Keep reading for the best bits from the cast's US press conference.

Courtesy of Lionsgate

1. Jennifer Was There When Natalie Dormer Had to Shave Her Head

Natalie said that Jennifer was welcoming and supportive to the new cast members, although there was one instance where she wasn't totally supportive. "I was in the room when Natalie shaved her head," Jennifer said, referencing Cressida's half-shaved look. "I was like, 'Dude are you sure? Oh my god! Oh my god!'"

2. Jennifer Did Not Intentionally Eat Smelly Food Before Kissing Liam

When asked about Liam's comments that Jen had intentionally been eating stinky foods before their kissing scenes to give herself bad breath, she protested: "I didn't think so much about the kissing so I would just eat whatever beforehand." It just so happened that some of that food had smelly ingredients. However, Jennifer did note that she would give Liam "fair warning" beforehand by telling him exactly what she had eaten before they had to smooch. (But the line was apparently drawn at brushing her teeth after eating.)

3. Marilyn Monroe Was Sam Claflin's Inspiration For Finnick

Sam surprised nearly everyone in the room when he revealed that Marilyn Monroe was part of his inspiration for his character, Finnick, because, like Marilyn, "behind closed doors he is damaged." Even Sam's costars were impressed by his interesting inspiration, with Josh shouting out, "That's incredible!"

Courtesy of Lionsgate

4. Liam Used to Be a Baker

"My first job was as a baker," Liam said. Jen added that the group had recently been looking through a magazine featuring baked goods during their press tour and Liam had said, "I used to lay those kinds of folds."

5. Liam Broke His Ankle on Set

Liam was the only cast member this time around to suffer any real injury, although he brushed off his broken ankle as merely a "hairline fracture." Jen added, "Well it sure f*cked the whole day up."

6. Jennifer Has a Selfie of Herself Peeing During Filming

When asked about her favorite moment while filming the last two movies, Jen said that she had a memory of filming in a very pretty meadow, quickly adding that she got a "really good selfie of myself peeing" in it.

7. Jennifer's Worst Scene to Film Was Not the Singing Moment

While Jennifer had previously mentioned that shooting her singing scene for Mockingjay — Part 1 was "nerve-racking," she admitted that filming the shot of Katniss watching the video of a captured Peeta was "worse than the singing." Apparently, they used a real video of Josh and kept replaying it over and over again.

Courtesy of Lionsgate

8. Jennifer Can't Believe She's Friends With Someone as Good-Looking as Liam

When talking about her relationship with Liam, Jennifer said, "I would never expect a man this good-looking to be my friend — those things just don't happen."

9. Don't Fake Laugh Around Jennifer

Jen mentioned that one of her close friends has been acting as a pseudo-assistant during her press tour this time around and that she's had to tell interviewers and reporters not to "fake laugh" at any of the actress's jokes. Apparently, Jen really, really hates it when people feign amusement.

10. Liam Has Helped Jennifer Learn to Stand Up For Herself

Jen and Liam's friendship has taught her to stand up for herself more because she tends to "let people walk all over me." She also noted that Liam is always concerned with fairness (including being fair to the rest of the crew by always showing up to set on time), which she says has helped her look at things a different way in her professional life.