Janet Jackson Sent Missy Elliott a Sweet Message After the VMAs, and Oh, My Heart

There's really nothing I love more than icons supporting icons, and Janet Jackson just sent a special message to pal Missy Elliott that is giving me life! The "Throw It Back" singer was honored with the 2019 Video Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs on Monday night, and since Janet couldn't make it, she decided to send her congratulations in a supersweet video message on Instagram.

"Everybody I know is talking about how much of a genius and how brilliant you are — and it's all true," Janet said in the Instagram video, referring to Missy as "Jack," though it's unclear why. She went on to praise her for having a beautiful soul, as well as an energy and spirit that "is beyond." "I don't have a lot of friends in this industry," she continued. "I can count them on one hand, and you're definitely one of them. I thank God for him bringing us together, and I'm so proud of you. This is way overdue." I totally agree with you there, Janet!

After Janet got me all choked up with her earnest joy at her friend's accomplishment, Missy's emotional response to the video really set off the waterworks. The Songwriters Hall of Famer gushed over Janet's post and admitted that it made her cry, saying, "[Your text] meant so much to me because I used to sit in front of my TV learning all of your dance moves."

Honestly, the magnitude of love and respect between these two superstars has hydrated my skin better than any cream-based moisturizer could ever hope to! Call it a reach, but I'm holding out for a future collaboration between the two, since they've already given us a few hit-making bops together over the course of their more than 15 years of friendship. Check out the duo's sweet posts ahead, and do yourself a favor and watch "Son of a Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)" a couple of times today (you won't regret it).

Janet's Message to Missy

Missy's Response to Janet's Message

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Missy's MTV VMAs Vanguard Performance

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Missy's Acceptance Speech For the 2019 Video Vanguard Award