Somebody Get Jason Momoa Out of Iceland Before He Melts It With His Abs

Jason Momoa's globetrotting always captivates us, but his recent visit to northern Iceland has us concerned for the state of the planet. Seriously . . . Jason's insistence on galavanting around Iceland without a shirt are all fun and games until the glaciers start melting! It's called Iceland for a reason, Jason, not "Hotland."

Based on his other Instagram photos from the trip, it seems that Jason is in Iceland working with Justice League director Zack Snyder. Snyder posted on Twitter that the film's UK filming was complete, but production stills of Amber Heard as Aquaman's wife, Mera, have emerged featuring an Icelandic setting. In the stills, Amber is posed on a beach very similar to the one where Jason and Zack snapped a smiling photo, indicating that the director and onscreen spouses are still filming Aquaman-centric movie scenes in Iceland.

Jason's time not filming is spent weight lifting, drinking lots of Guinness beer (the actor's longtime favorite), and sightseeing around the beautiful Icelandic countryside. For the sake of global warming, we simply hope that he keeps his shirt on for the rest of his visit. (But considering Aquaman's shirtless costume, it's not likely!)