Is This Jennifer Aniston's Most Candid Interview Yet?

Jennifer Aniston graces the cover of The Hollywood Reporter this week, stunning in a series of gorgeous photos. In the candid interview, she talks about everything from her relationship with her "unforgiving" mother to her split from Brad Pitt to her struggle with dyslexia. Touching on her meditation habit and a need for control, Jennifer also opens up about learning to understand anger. True to form, though, she also brings out some of her signature humor, joking about her newfound love for The Bachelor. Take a look at some of Jennifer's must-read quotes, then check out her entire interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

The Hollywood Reporter | Ruven Afanador

  • On the topic of having kids in the future: "Listen, that’s a topic that’s so exhausted. I get nervous around that, just because it's very personal. Who knows if it's going to happen? It's been a want. We're doing our best."
  • On people's obsession with her split from Brad Pitt: "We're not really in daily communication. But we wish nothing but wonderful things for each other. Nobody did anything wrong. You know what I mean? It was just like, sometimes things [happen]. If the world could only just stop with the stupid, soap-opera bullsh*t. There's no story. I mean, at this point it's starting to become — please, give more credit to these human beings."
  • On her wedding: "We don't have a date. I wouldn't tell you if we did."
  • On what drew her to Justin Theroux: "It was his humor, mainly. He's the easiest guy to hang around. He was so completely in his skin. It was the first time I remember being so comfortable [with a romantic interest], like with all my gay friends."
  • On her relationship with her mother: "She was critical. She was very critical of me. Because she was a model, she was gorgeous, stunning. I wasn't. I never was. I honestly still don't think of myself in that sort of light, which is fine. She was also very unforgiving. She would hold grudges that I just found so petty."
The Hollywood Reporter | Ruven Afanador

  • On being diagnosed with dyslexia in her early 20s: "The only reason I knew [that I had it] was because I went to get a prescription for glasses. I had to wear these Buddy Holly glasses. One had a blue lens and one had a red lens. And I had to read a paragraph, and they gave me a quiz, gave me 10 questions on what I'd just read, and I think I got three right. Then they put a computer on my eyes, showing where my eyes went when I read. My eyes would jump four words and go back two words, and I also had a little bit of a lazy eye, like a crossed eye, which they always have to correct in photos."
  • On how her dyslexia diagnosis changed her life: "I thought I wasn't smart. I just couldn't retain anything. Now I had this great discovery. I felt like all of my childhood trauma-dies, tragedies, dramas were explained."
The Hollywood Reporter | Ruven Afanador

  • On loving The Bachelor: "I'll say it out loud. Last year, [friends] were saying, 'It's The Bachelor, it's premiering tonight! The Bachelor is premiering tonight!' And I was like, 'Oh, guys! Seriously? The Bachelor? That's been on for 15 years or something.' And Justin and I, just for fun, watched — and two hours later, we were addicted. It was like junk food. We were sad when it ended."
  • On potential plans for an art studio: "I used to have an art studio and paint and work with clay, and I actually miss it. I was moving storage facilities, and I just found my wheel and my easels and all my books. I found all this stuff, so I may build a little art studio off [the house]."
  • On her Oscar "snub": "I know a lot of people were sorry. I feel I've gotten such wonderful love — I had almost more phone calls and flowers than I did for any other nomination [in the past]."
  • On knowing she could pull off her Cake role despite naysayers: "I've been told so many times, 'You're not that type' that part of me went, 'Am I not? Can I really [do this]?' So it was like, 'I'm going to prove it to myself.' There was a confidence in knowing that I'm capable of doing this after so many years of being able to 'show up.' This was the first time I had so many layers to explore. I took out a tool bag I hadn't used."
The Hollywood Reporter | Ruven Afanador

  • On her need for control: "I'm a control freak. I like to be in charge of everything. My life was so out of control growing up, it's very important today for it to be in control. I have to bite my tongue sometimes if I'm on a movie, when I think I can figure out how to make this problem that they're having go smoothly."
  • On learning to express anger: "I always thought, if you're angry you just don't say anything. I would come out passive, things would come out passively. But it doesn't have to be black or white. You don't have to be a hysterical human being and have veins popping out of your neck and turn bright red and terrify people — or else keep quiet and put your head in the sand. I used to loathe confrontation. Loathe it. It was absolute. I never understood anger, but I didn't know that you should express it. Which has been something I've really tried to work on."
  • On meditating: "I'm on a really good personal strict regime. These days, I've been [doing it] every day. I have a little place at home, and I do it for about 20 minutes, at different times, usually right after a cup of coffee and right before the chaos starts."
  • On wanting to meet the Dalai Lama: "I'd love to meet him. From the things I've read about him, books and lectures, he seems like pure joy. Pure, pure, pure enlightenment."