Jennifer Aniston Wants a "Golden Friends" Reunion!

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With the recent 10-year anniversary of the last episode of Friends, chatter about a reunion reached a fever pitch this year. Even though the show's ladies — Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow — had a funny sketch based on the show on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in August, a full-on reunion remains a popular topic of speculation. On Friday's episode of BBC's Graham Norton Show, the host asked Jennifer if she and her former costars have discussed making it happen so "people will stop wanging on about it." As it turns out, Jennifer has a concept that might sound more like an episode of Golden Girls than Friends. The downside: her hilarious idea likely won't become a reality anytime soon. "At this point, I feel honestly we should just wait," Jennifer said. Listen to Jennifer's thoughts about the show and more in the video, above, and then get ready for Turkey Day with the best GIFs from the Friends Thanksgiving episodes.