50 Times Following Jennifer Garner on Instagram Was the Best Decision of My Adult Life

Jennifer Garner is quite possibly the purest, most beautiful soul in Hollywood. Every time she walks the red carpet or appears on a talk show, my day is instantly brightened and I gain a renewed sense of faith in humanity. Thankfully, the 46-year-old actress is also busy brightening days over on Instagram, where she gives her followers continuous (and oh-so-relatable) glimpses into her personal life.

Though Jennifer is relatively new to the Instagram game — she just started using the app last year — she's practically a seasoned vet, chronicling everything from her baking adventures to her impassioned ballet commentary, all of which she pairs with captions that elicit audible laughs every single time. Oh, and let's not forget her "Books With Birdie" series in which she reads children's books aloud to her gorgeous Golden Retriever. Truly iconic.

To honor Jennifer's award-worthy Instagram account, I'm embarking on a trip down memory lane to relive some of her best posts to date. Consider this your unofficial PSA to finally slam that "follow" button on Jen's 'gram.

When She Made Her Instagram Debut in the Cutest Way Possible

I mean, did you expect anything less?

When She Graciously Shared a Throwback Video of Herself After Anesthesia

Kindly excuse me while I replay this on a loop.

When She Made an Adorable Video Montage For Her Dad's Birthday

Dubbed over by Earth, Wind & Fire, naturally.

When She Made Up an LOL-Worthy Recipe For "Turning a Mom Back Into Action Lady"

Featuring a pretty accurate 50 cups of coffee.

When She Graced Our Feeds With This Throwback Photo of Hugh Jackman

I owe you for this one, Jen.

When She Kicked Off Her "Books With Birdie" Series

Her Golden Retriever could not care less, but the videos are hysterical.

When She Formally Introduced Her Pet Chicken Named Regina George

She made an on-point Mean Girl reference in the caption, too.

When She Shared This Sweet Love Note From Her Child

Her 6-year-old son, Samuel, has quite the obsession with farts.

When She Started Offering Up Her Ballet Commentary

She uses the #TutuTuesday hashtag every time she posts these funny videos.

She Gets Realllllly Into These, Guys

Jen fan-girling over ballet moves is pretty much equivalent to me passionately fan-girling over her.

When She Made a Meme of Herself to Troll Her Own Christmas Obsession

What a legend.

When She Gave a Glimpse Into Her Sweet Relationship With Her Mom

Two peas in a pod.

When She Memed Herself Yet Again

The meme-making hero I never knew I needed.

When She Read the News to Her Pet Chicken, Just 'Cause

She also dropped some serious knowledge about the importance of educating chickens.

When She Shared This Interesting Makeover With Her Followers

I mean, she doesn't look that bad as a dude, TBH.

When She Hosted a "Pretend Cooking Show" in Her Own Kitchen

Side note: I really need to try this english muffin recipe.

When She Tried a Spicy Pepper in Front of the Camera

Don't worry, Jen — I would've had the same exact reaction.

When She Shared a Montage of Her Kale-Chip-Making Adventure

She took us through the picking process and all the way to the moment she got a few pieces stuck in her teeth.

When She Sold Girl Scout Cookies Outside a Store

I'll take ALL the Thin Mints, please and thanks.

Who Could Possibly Forget That Time She Documented Getting a Mouth Guard

I feel your pain, Jen.

When She Dressed as Zero the Hero to Celebrate Her Kids' 100th Day of School

Helloooo, Halloween costume inspiration.

When Daylight Saving Time Got the Best of Her

I mean, same.

When She Played the Saxophone to Honor Reese Witherspoon's Birthday

In full band member costume, no less.

When She Posted a Heartfelt Video to Honor Her Chicken's Life

RIP, Regina George.

When She Hosted Her Very Own Episode of "What's in My Bag?"

A few standout items include a purple geode, index cards, a honey dipper, and LOTS of heart-shaped stickers.

When She Shared This On-Point Birthday Meme

Um, yeah — I'm definitely saving this for personal reposting purposes on my birthday.

When She Rolled Up Her Sleeves and Made Some Honey From Scratch

The footage was dubbed over by Yello's hit song "Oh Yeah" — hah!

When She Shared This TBT-Worthy Headshot

Damn, she ages well.

Oh Look! Another Post About Her Son's Love For Farts

C'est la vie when it comes to having a son.

When She Gave Meghan Markle and Prince Harry a Wedding Shout-Out With a 13 Going on 30 Photo

Ugh, I miss that movie so much.

When She Used a Meme to Vent About Her Kids Not Eating Her Homemade Meals


When She Made Her Own Target Commercial

She was advertising her natural baby food brand, Once Upon a Farm, which is available to shop at the retailer.

When She Flew Down a Giant Slide to Celebrate "Yes Day"

Aww, you can hear her kids cheering her on in the background.

When She Freaked Out While Soaking Her Feet in Ice Water

What a champ.

When She Shared a Snapshot of What She Typically Carries in From Her Car Every Day . . .

. . . and moms everywhere subsequently mumbled "same, Jen" to themselves.

When She Posted Proof of Her Gift-Wrapping Skills

Or lack thereof.

When She Flawlessly Embodied Our End-of-Summer Mood

Work those goggles, girl.

When She Showed Off Her Pristine Figure to Celebrate the Premiere of Peppermint

Those arms are GOALS AF.

When She Took an Online Quiz About Herself

We'd say the results are pretty accurate.

When She Went to a Local Movie Theater to See Her Latest Film

She was adorably nervous about it.

When She Gave NYFW a Run For Its Money

I'd fight for front-row tickets to this show.

When She Took Hair-Roller Tips From Reese Witherspoon's Cookbook

This kind of, sort of makes me want to buy a set of rollers.

When She Read Books to Schoolchildren in Washington

Her charitable work with Save the Children shouldn't go unnoticed.

When She Shared a Much-Needed Midweek Pick-Me-Up on Her Letterboard

This is now my new phone background, so thank you, Jen!