Jennifer Garner Dusts Off Her Saxophone to Give Reese Witherspoon the "#1 Best Birthday" Gift

Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon have been friends for years, so you best believe Jennifer pulled out all the stops for Reese's 42nd birthday on Thursday. In addition to dusting off her high school marching band uniform (OK, we're not entirely sure if it's the same one), the actress took things a step further as she proudly played "Happy Birthday" on the saxophone.

"Hey, @reesewitherspoon! I don't know why you're on my mind today.....🎷🎁🎈🎈❤️❤️❤️ #happybirthdayfriend," Jennifer captioned the Instagram video.

Clearly flattered, Reese not only "liked" Jennifer's video on Instagram, but she also left a sweet comment. "#1 Best Birthday Message," she wrote. Can somebody please cast these two in a movie together ASAP?