It's a 13 Going on 30 Reunion! Judy Greer Gave the Sweetest Speech to Honor Jennifer Garner

Jenna Rink, is that you? Jennifer Garner had a 13 Going on 30 reunion when she was joined by costar and friend Judy Greer at her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Monday. To mark the celebratory moment in the actress's career, Jennifer's friends and family (including her three children) stood by her side, but it was the sweet moments with Judy that really hit us with a rush of nostalgia and happy tears. Judy took to the podium to deliver a speech dedicated to her longtime friend, and she teared up before she even began.

Judy said, "Fifteen years ago, someone paid me to be Jennifer Garner's best friend. In Hollywood, it's next to impossible to stay in touch with people after you finish a job because it's like Summer camp: you get so close, so fast, but real life happens after you wrap. . . . But from the minute I met JG at our first rehearsal for 13 Going on 30, I knew that I really didn't want that to happen." She went on to gush about how Jennifer is the "greatest, most loyal friend, an incredible mother, an amazing chef, an amateur farmer and beekeeper, so beautiful, and so stinking smart."

Jennifer looked on and flashed her signature smile in appreciation as Judy made the crowd laugh and tear up. "Even though I got paid all those years to do it, I'm so lucky to be your friend every day for free now," Judy concluded. Wow, could these two be a clearer definition of friendship goals? See the cute moments from Jennifer's big day ahead.

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Judy's Speech at Jennifer Garner's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Watch Judy's speech, which starts around the 10:05 mark.