Jennifer Lopez: "If I Got Pregnant, I Would Be So Excited"

Jennifer Lopez opened up about her love life and her hopes to have more kids when she sat down with Ellen DeGeneres on Friday. Giving a nod to her rumored on-again boyfriend, Casper Smart, Jennifer said she's "not sure about anything" but she's "having fun." When Ellen asked outright whether she is taken, the singer replied, "Yeah, yeah. I'm kind of not, but I kind of am." After playing coy about her relationship status, she also opened up about how she hopes to have more kids in the future. "I love my kids," she said. "I wish I would have four or five more." J Lo explained why she loves motherhood, saying, "The fact that you get to love somebody unconditionally in that way and not even care if they love you back — you just love them so much. Like that relationship, that's the biggest blessing in the world is to be able to love somebody like that." Watch the sweet clip above, then see Jennifer Lopez's sexiest pictures since the '90s.