Jimmy Kimmel Rips Into Matthew McConaughey's "Movie Star Face"

Jimmy Kimmel basically took over Seth Meyers's hosting gig when he presented the award for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series at the 2014 Emmy Awards on Monday night and started ripping into audience members. The late-night star, who has hosted the show before, kicked things off by ribbing Matthew McConaughey for being a movie star at a TV-centric award show. After joking that Matthew had a "movie star face" and didn't belong on the small screen, Jimmy then made a point of finding Ricky Gervais in the audience to joke about his TV face. "Actually it's not even a TV face, it's a Netflix face," Jimmy joked. (Don't be offended for Ricky; he looked like he loved it.) Other award-show-host-worthy digs included mocking Matthew for "getting fat" since the Oscars and complaining about having to sit through another one of the star's infamous acceptance speeches. If you want to see more of Matthew's beautiful movie star face, check out his red carpet arrival.