Chrissy Teigen Might Not Be Happy With John Legend After This Hilarious Lie Detector Test

John Legend [1] and Tracee Ellis Ross are spilling the beans. During Friday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show [2], People's 2019 Sexiest Man Alive [3] and our beloved Tracee sat down for a lie detector test, and it was quite the ride. Despite not actually being hooked up to any machine — Jack Byrnes from Meet the Parents shudders — it seems they really know who is and isn't lying. We learned some hilarious things about the two very talented stars: John does think he's the sexiest man alive [4] and Tracee admittedly doesn't like all of her mom Diana Ross's songs [5]. Chrissy Teigen, look away, because the test also called John out for lying that he's never "pretended to be asleep so he didn't have to change a diaper." Watch the funny video above and see more of John guest-hosting Ellen here [6].

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