John Oliver's Exposé of the Miss America Pageant Will Make Your Jaw Drop

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The Miss America pageant is known for its crazy onstage moments, swimsuit parade, and must-see talent performances, but the organization that puts on the pageant prides itself as being a scholarship fund — or so it would have you believe. Last Week Tonight's John Oliver exposed the Miss America Organization's claims that it is the "largest provider of scholarships to women" and that it supplies $45 million in scholarships to contestants every year. As it turns out, the organization only actually gives out just under $500,000 worth of scholarships, which is a huge jump from its oft-touted $45 million number. So, why does it make the million-dollar claim? Allow John to break it down for you. Watch his incredible analysis of the Miss America pageant's scholarship claims above, and be sure to check out more must-see viral videos!