Justin Trudeau Accidentally Said "Moistly" on Live TV and Instantly Regretted It

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In today's superrelatable news, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hilariously cringed at his own use of the word "moistly" during a public address regarding updated coronavirus face mask guidelines. The slip-up happened during a briefing on April 7 when Justin was explaining that face masks will prevent people from "speaking moistly" on each other. It's important to follow CDC guidelines for navigating the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which include wearing face masks out in public, but this was not an image I needed to appear in my head today.

Right up there with "phlegm," "gurgle," and other words I refuse to type, "moistly" is a terrible word, if you ask me. Somehow, Justin's face manages to convey all five stages of grief in the span of two seconds, but he quickly catches his poor word choice and follows up with, "What a terrible image." I feel you, Justin. I feel you. Watch the video here to listen to the prime minister's full speech on updated health practices to fight COVID-19, and to see the face of a man who clearly wishes that he could hit the rewind button.