It Appears Kim and Kanye Have Trapped Kenny G in Their Home For Valentine's Day

Kenny G, blink if you need to be rescued. The legendary saxophonist was recently hired by Kanye West to serenade Kim Kardashian on Valentine's Day, but what might have originally been a romantic — albeit ostentatious — gesture, soon turned into a cause for concern. See, Kanye arranged for Kenny to play from the couple's furniture-less living room surrounded by tiny vases each containing a single stem rose . . . with seemingly no exit in sight. (OK, in their defense, they left a little aisle for him to walk through.)

Shortly after the surprise, Kenny offered a sign that he had made it to safety. "This was fun! Thanks having me be a part of your Valentine's Day," he wrote on Instagram. Kim clearly had a blast as she shared several videos from the private performance and wrote on Twitter, "Best husband award goes to mine!!!! Most thoughtful gifts ever!!!!" Well, we see right through Kim's tactic to distract us with her excessive use of exclamation points, and we still have a lot of questions. Shall we?

  1. For starters, how many songs did Kenny play? Which songs did he play? Are we talking about a full concert here or . . . ?
  2. Were other musicians initially asked, or was Kenny Kanye's all-or-nothing selection?
  3. Was he chosen because of the simple fact that his name also starts with a K? (One has to ask these questions — sorry, we don't make the rules!)
  4. Wouldn't Kenny prefer to be spending Valentine's Day with his someone special? Why doesn't anyone ask who Kenny would like to be serenaded by?
  5. Did they arrange the roses after Kenny was standing in place, or did he have to Mission: Impossible his way in there?
  6. What if he has to, you know, use the restroom?
  7. Which poor intern had to set up all those roses? Because we have an Icy Hot patch with their name on it.
  8. How mad was Travis Scott that he couldn't book Kenny for Kylie first?
  9. Do you think they originally wanted Kendall Jenner to serenade them, and accidentally called the wrong Kenny?
  10. Did Kim just kind of . . . stand there and smile the whole time? Like when friends sing you "Happy Birthday," and you just sit there in agony as everyone stares at you?
  11. Where — and we truly cannot stress this enough — is their furniture?