Kanye West Is Reportedly "Starting to Feel More Like Himself" and "Recovering Very Fast"

This post has been updated with new information.

After canceling the remaining 21 dates of his Saint Pablo tour, Variety reported that Kanye West was hospitalized in LA on Monday. The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a call of a "disturbance" around 1:20 p.m., and once authorities discovered a "medical emergency," Kanye was transferred to a hospital by paramedics. According to People, the rapper was hospitalized for exhaustion and sleep deprivation. A source states that he is dealing with a lot of issues, adding, "He feels like he's under spiritual attack and has been for awhile. It's not just the big things; it's smaller, quieter things, internal things. You might think that it's about Kim's robbery, and while that didn't help, that's not what's going on here. He's dealing with a lot more subtle issues. His mother died in November, so this time of year always brings him a lot of pain. He keeps that pain internalized, but sometimes will talk about how hard this time of year is for him. He works through the pain every November. He feels like it's a trying time for his spirit, but that can be a good thing . . . Sometimes, darkness creeps in, and Kanye wrestles against it. He talks about that a lot. It's exhausting, and it takes everything he's got. He's just so tired now; he's very low energy and feels like there's a grieving in his spirit. It's very hard to explain, but something has happened recently, where he's not the 'Ye that everyone knows."

The following day, Us Weekly reported that Kanye's personal physician, Dr. Michael Farzam, told police that the rapper tried to assault a staff member at the gym before his hospitalization. He allegedly warned police that Kanye "was not violent, but would become violent when police arrived to help." Shortly after, authorities arrived at the home of Kanye's trainer, Harley Pasternak, and according to TMZ, the rapper was "acting erratically" and was "handcuffed to the stretcher" before being transported to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. He was allegedly restrained due to protocol and was placed in a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold.

On Wednesday, a source told People that Kim Kardashian has "barely" left his side, but "is very happy that Kanye is feeling better." The rapper is reportedly "starting to feel more like himself" and is "recovering very fast." The insider also stated that "Kim doesn't seem concerned about any long-lasting mental issues."

Kanye made headlines earlier this month after he went on a pro-Trump rant during his San Jose, CA, concert. Not long after, he slammed pals Beyoncé and Jay Z during his show in Sacramento, CA, saying he was "hurt" and asking Jay Z to call him.