Queer Eye Fans, "Karamo" Is the Podcast We've Been Waiting For — Call in For Actual Advice!

Hello? Karamo Brown? Please tell me how to improve every single aspect of my life ASAP.

At least, that's how I assume a phone call with Queer Eye's resident culture expert would go, and now we can know for sure because Karamo is hosting his own podcast, and it's all about listeners! In a tweet on March 18, the Netflix star revealed that his upcoming podcast, Karamo, is set to air on audio platform Luminary sometime in the first half of 2019. Karamo will be a call-in show, encouraging fans to pick up the phone and ring Karamo himself with any questions about challenges they're facing — and we have SO many questions saved up.

Every member of the Fab Five has his specialty, but there's really only one person who's almost guaranteed to make you cry, and that's Karamo. Why? Before he became one of the stars of Queer Eye, Karamo was a social worker, which means he has a lot of experience listening to people of all different backgrounds and giving the kind of advice they need to move forward with their lives. "I might need to be a frequent caller . . ." one fan wrote on Twitter.

Karamo truly knows how to get to the root of the problem, from self-esteem and self-awareness issues to understanding goals for the future and how to achieve them by overcoming the past. After three seasons of watching so many amazing people get amazing life makeovers, Karamo's advice would be much appreciated in our own lives.

Karamo isn't the only member of the Fab Five to have his own project on the side. Hair and skincare guru Jonathan Van Ness launched his own podcast, Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, back in 2015 and covers topics he's curious about, which include everything from the Clean Water Act to ignoring haters.

So check out Jonathan's podcast while we wait for Karamo's to go live, and in the meantime, remember, "Life does not happen to you. Life responds to you." Wise words, Karamo.