This Little Kid Is So Cool, Kate Middleton Doesn't Even Know How to Deal With It

Kate Middleton paid a special visit to the Rugby Portobello Trust in London on Tuesday to pass out Christmas gifts to families and children, and one little boy seemed more than ready for his close-up with the duchess. While Kate knelt down for a chat, 7-year-old Yahya Hussein Ali flashed a peace sign for the cameras, a move that Kate appeared to react to with "OK, calm down, cool guy." She could have also been taken aback, considering that the hand gesture is considered in the UK to mean "F*ck you." Technically, she should have some familiarity with being upstaged by a small child, as she nearly was while trying to wrangle a rogue pageboy at her sister Pippa's wedding back in May.

Yahya was one of many children who were affected by the Grenfell Tower fire in June, and both Kate and her husband, Prince William, have been doing their part to meet with families who were displaced after the tragic event. It's just the latest adorable moment we've seen of Kate interacting with kids over the years.