Katy Perry's Left Shark Made a Cameo in Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Performance

There seemed to be a Katy Perry reference when Taylor Swift performed "Bad Blood" in Massachusetts over the weekend. In a video posted to Twitter, Taylor sings the hit song (which is reportedly about Katy) as a dancer wearing a shark head pops up behind her, and Taylor laughs to herself in the moment. Was the dancer surprising her? Since there was a lobster during Friday's show, was there actually no Left Shark connection? Left Shark, of course, became a popular meme after he stole the show during Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance this year.

Why would someone wear the shark head on stage this weekend? Well, Taylor and Katy's rumored feud made headlines again last week after Katy chimed in on the VMAs Twitter exchange between Taylor and Nicki Minaj. After the misunderstanding, Taylor apologized to Nicki, who later appeared on Good Morning America and said she and Taylor are "all good."