Katy Perry Just Took Her Taylor Swift Feud up a Notch

Just when you thought things couldn't get more tense between ex-friends Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Katy took things up a notch. On Tuesday, Taylor responded to Nicki Minaj on Twitter after Nicki expressed her disbelief over the MTV VMA nominees for video of the year and best choreography (Taylor's work was recognized while Nicki's was not). Taylor called Nicki out for pitting "women against each other," though Nicki later insisted she wasn't even referring to Taylor's "Bad Blood" video in her original tweets. The next day, Katy got in on the fight with the following message:

It's pretty clear that Katy was directly calling out Taylor's tweets, since she used the exact same phrase about pitting women against each other that Taylor used on Tuesday. Her comment about "[capitalizing] on the take down of a woman" seemed to be referring to Taylor's "Bad Blood" video, which follows a group of women teaming up against someone. Katy later added the tweet below, getting in on the larger argument that Nicki was making about racism in the music industry.

So whose side are you on?