Dax Shepard Rented a Whole Roller Rink For Kristen Bell, and I Can't Even Get a Text Back

In case you needed further proof that Kristen Bell and hubby Dax Shepard are the literal textbook definition of #RelationshipGoals, the couple's latest outing will solidify that fact — and maybe even give you a bit of FOMO. Just for the hell of it, Dax rented out an entire roller-skating rink for Kristen over the weekend, regardless of the fact that both her birthday and their anniversary were months ago. Seriously, does it get any sweeter than that?

The dynamic duo skated an evening away at Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, CA, and were joined by a handful of friends, including Kristen's Veronica Mars costar Ryan Hansen. While sharing a few snaps from the groovy adventure on her Instagram Story, Kristen referred to the group's evening of roller skating as "one of the best nights of my life." Pardon me while I melt into a pile of mush. Kristen has been quite the busy bee lately while promoting A Bad Moms Christmas, so it seems like a night of carefree fun with her hubby and close friends is just what the doctor ordered.

Read on to get a peek inside Dax and Kristen's epic, adorable adventure in the roller rink, which they both documented in a series of swoon-worthy Instagram photos.