Kylie Jenner's Love of Butterflies Soars to New Heights With Her and Stormi's Halloween Costumes

Kylie Jenner is making Stormi's first Halloween a matching and memorable one. Days after a family trip to the pumpkin patch with Travis Scott, the 21-year-old beauty mogul and daughter Stormi got even more into the festive Fall spirit with their twin butterfly costumes.

Aside from just being cute as can be, these sweet outfits actually have a hidden significance. It's no secret that Kylie has a fascination with butterflies. She has admitted to being "terrified" of them but frequently wears butterfly-themed accessories and shares a tiny symbolic tattoo with boyfriend Travis. His hit song "Butterfly Effect" is also reportedly about how he and Kylie met. Before Stormi was born, it was rumored her name would have something to do with butterflies, so this clever costume nod totally makes sense. Now, what will the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner "triplets" wear this year?