Lady Gaga Asks Matt LeBlanc the Ultimate Friends-Themed Would You Rather Question

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Fresh off her triumphant Carpool Karaoke session with James Corden, Lady Gaga was in good spirits on The Late Late Show. The pop singer made an appearance Tuesday night alongside guests Matt LeBlanc and Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and at one point initiated an impromptu game of Would You Rather. In a brilliant Friends-themed question filled with ominous pauses, Gaga asked, "Matt, who'd you rather: Monica or Rachel?" As the audience got all riled up (and Lady Gaga did a victory dance), Matt coyly answered, "I would have me some Phoebe, she's very bendy." Not only did the answer drive the audience wild, but it's also a callback to an actual line Phoebe says in "The One Where Everyone Finds Out" while she's trying to seduce Chandler! Consider us beside ourselves.