Thank the Olympic Live-Tweeting Gods — Leslie Jones Is in Rio: "Simone Is Killing It!"

If the Olympics had an event for live tweeting, Leslie Jones would sweep the competition. Despite an up and down relationship with Twitter lately thanks to negative experiences with racist trolls, the Ghostbusters actress has been covering the 2016 Summer Olympics with her signature humor. Between thoughts about what Michael Phelps might be jamming out to before a race ("Please tell me Michael Phelps is listening to Drake right now") and her absolutely hilarious commentary during events like kayaking and bike races, even NBC has taken notice. Executive producer Jim Bell spotted the buzz around Leslie's tweets and offered her the chance to come down to the games in Rio, which she happily accepted. She got her very own Snapchat filter when she landed, and got to cheer alongside Matthew McConaughey, which is how you know you've truly made it. Although Leslie might not be able to drop quite as many F-bombs on live TV, here's hoping we get to hear her outrageous stream of consciousness until the Olympics wind down at the end of August.