This Little Boy's Insanely Good Dance Moves Will Have Your Jaw on the Damn Floor

Every now and then, a video comes along that you can't watch without getting a big, dumb smile on your face. The clip above, which features a little boy from Lieusaint, France, breaking it down to DJ Flex's "Kpuu Kpa (Boga Dance Edition)," is 100 percent one of those videos. Dance instructor Serge Koffi shared it with his Facebook followers, writing, "Just let yourself be transported by the freedom to be and express while sharing all that you have most beautiful 'joy' today in France precisely to 'Lieusaint' by invitation of my brother (Julien) '@Jsd. Urbain dance' for an internship in 'Afro Mix Décalé' than happiness💯✔🔥👊🏾👏👏." It's unclear how old the kid is, but it's obvious he has moves for days.