Mandy Moore Reminisces About Touring With the Backstreet Boys: "Life Is Wild"

Before Mandy Moore was moving us to tears every Tuesday night on This Is Us, she was a successful pop star who once performed with the Backstreet Boys during their Millennium Tour, and she's feeling pretty nostalgic about it 20 years later. The 35-year-old singer and actress took her fans on a trip down memory lane on Sept. 6 when she shared an Instagram photo of an old tour pass.

"15 year old me. What a trip," she wrote. "I remember being beside myself at the chance to open for the BSB (during their Millennium tour no less- the one where they flew around the arena in futuristic suits!?!). I mean, 8 months prior, I watched their videos on MTV as I got ready for school every am. Life is wild. 20 years later, here I am. Grateful doesn't begin to cover it."

Moments later, Nick Carter popped into the comments to reminisce along with her. "Life is truly wild," he wrote. "Thanks for joining us and for this awesome blast from the past."

This isn't the first time Mandy has taken a moment to reflect on her music career. Just a few weeks ago, she celebrated the 20th anniversary of "Candy," the single that launched her career in 1999. She also recently told Entertainment Tonight that she'll be releasing new music pretty soon, so maybe if we're lucky, she can briefly join the Backstreet Boys on their DNA tour again for old time's sake. For now, we'll just enjoy this throwback pic and spend the rest of the night listening to "Candy" and the Millennium album on repeat.