I Interviewed Mariah Carey and It Was Just as Extra as You'd Imagine

Getting the note that you'll be interviewing Mariah Carey results in two reactions: complete joy and utter terror.

This is generally how I feel about interviews. I'm never nervous per se, unless I'm meeting someone of epic proportions. And Mariah Carey definitely falls under that category. She's the indisputable festive queen of Christmas, with the most beloved Christmas song of the last 30 years. It's infiltrated most of the population's holiday traditions, whether it's watching Christmas movies on Hallmark or partaking in an annual viewing of Love Actually. People who don't even celebrate Christmas can't help but sing the song. Given the typical Christmas song repertoire we had prior to "All I Want For Christmas is You" — which included hymnals, songs about reindeer with red noses, and a duet that includes a man practically begging a woman to stay over against her will — I'd venture to say it's the most relatable Christmas song outside of Wham!'s "Last Christmas."

Cut to the day of the interview. I'm headed to Universal Studios for a junket to talk about the release of her movie All I Want For Christmas Is You. The song is the gift that keeps on giving in that Mariah took it from the title of her track, created a book, and then made a movie out of it. Milk that Christmas cheer, honey.

I'm in my most festive attire. It's white, long-sleeved, and has gold accents, which I thought was not too on-the-nose, but still merry enough for the event. (I ended up wearing a Santa hat for the actual interview, but I digress.) I mean, I considered making a sweater with the phrase "F is for Festive" on it, but thought better of it.

If I'm being honest here, when I think of Mariah Carey, I think of talent, but I also think of shade. It's why I love her. She has no qualms over "not knowing people" and I'm 100% here for it. But what does that mean when it comes to me, plebeian of the media? She's basically a sexy Santa Claus. I want this woman to like me. And I want her to actually enjoy the conversation we're going to have.

I figured a little kissing-up never hurt anyone, so I called literally every Urban Outfitters in the Los Angeles area to find her Merry Christmas vinyl. Luckily, one store on the way to the interview had a copy. I'd bring this in for reinforcement and pray to the Christmas gods that things went well.

Upon arriving at the studio, we were greeted by a snow mountain. Yes, in 70-degree weather, Mariah commissioned snow for the junket. A smile was instantly plastered across my face — the last time I saw snow was at The Grove, and it was actually soap bubbles being sprinkled down onto shoppers. Then, the puppies were brought in. Vanderpump Dogs brought in several adoptable puppies for the event. If you weren't absolutely ecstatic at that point, just turn around and go home. Your black heart will never warm up.

Inside the actual studio was a winter wonderland, complete with a hot cocoa station that printed out foam designs, like puppies. I'm not kidding! Just look at this work of art:

There was a bevy of sugar cookies and icing to decorate, a movie-watching area, a photo booth — it was truly magical. And extra as hell. I'd never been to a junket like this before.

In true Mariah fashion, my interview was bumped an hour. But I wasn't complaining — hello, I had everything I needed. I could have moved in. I played with a puppy named Robin and got lipstick all over his face, sled down the snow mountain (and subsequently ran into the fence), and drank my body weight in the most delicious hot cocoa. Christmas was nigh, and it was only November 1st.

Then the time was near. I was the first interview and had four minutes to talk about everything I wanted to talk about. She looked gorgeous, and even though I ended up with lipstick on my teeth by the end of the interview, she fully embraced the questions and proved herself to the festive queen that she is. Watch the interview to see how the interview went and see Mariah's Winter Wonderland.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography | Kirbie Johnson

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