16 Pictures of Matthew Gray Gubler and Shemar Moore Being Hot Together

Is there a more adorable pair of friends on TV that you can think of other than Shemar Moore and Matthew Gray Gubler on Criminal Minds? The answer is no, so don't even try to come up with anything else. The pair starred on the CBS drama for several years before Shemar exited, but their friendship never strictly stayed on the small screen. Instead, these two have been known to take supercute — and superhot — photos together both on and off set. And what has me, personally, completely stoked is the fact that Shemar will be returning to the show this season, however briefly, so we might just get some new photos of he and Matthew together.

To see just what I'm talking about, look through for 16 of their best snaps together and tell me that that's one friendship sandwich you aren't just dying to be in the middle of.