Distant Relatives Meghan Markle and Red Sox Star Mookie Betts Meet in a Tearjerking Moment

Meghan Markle surprised fans on Saturday when she joined Prince Harry during a visit to London's first-ever MLB game. The two met with the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox teams at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, but that wasn't the only treat of the day. Meghan was actually able to unite with distant relative and Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts!

In May 2018, The Boston Globe reported that Meghan and Mookie are related with shared genealogy dating back to ancestors 150 years ago in Alabama. When Mookie first heard the news, he expressed some excitement in the connection. "That would be cool to meet her," he said. "I wonder if she's a baseball fan?" Fast-forward to a year later, and they got to share a hug (just look at the pure joy in Mookie's eyes). Check out more pictures of their sweet familial moment ahead!