OMG! It Looks Like Meghan Markle Spotted Her Old Drama Teacher in the Royal Wedding Crowd

Leave it to Meghan Markle to catch a familiar face in a crowd of thousands! After a stunning ceremony, the newly married Meghan and Prince Harry, surrounded by many well-wishers, departed in a horse-drawn carriage, and it appears that Meghan spotted her old drama teacher among the masses.

"Oh my God!" Meghan seemed to exclaim as the couple rode past Gigi Perreau, who teaches at Immaculate Heart High School. Gigi stood among the crowd with ITV News, who captured the exchange on video. Take a look at the footage below and then relive all the special moments from today's incredible royal wedding.

"Oh my God" screams Meghan as her old drama teacher Gigi Perreau manages to catch her eye in the crowd! Two seconds before I said do you think she'd recognise you! She was right! @itv @itvnews

— Alex Beresford (@alexberesfordTV) May 19, 2018