You Are Not Ready For the Cuteness That Is Boomer Phelps Getting a Swimming Lesson With His Dad

It seems like Michael Phelps is passing on his swimming gene to his 6-month-old son, Boomer. On Monday, the Olympian took a dip in the pool with his little boy and wife Nicole Johnson at the Meadowbrook Aquatic Center where he used to train, and thankfully, every moment was captured on Facebook Live. Not only did Boomer look too cute in his little trunks, but he even got a quick swimming lesson from Cathy Bennett, the same woman who taught Michael how to swim when he was 6 years old. Even though he was a bit hesitant about the water at first (he even hangs onto Michael's beard), he became completely relaxed once he was in his dad's arms. Aww! See the sweet encounter above and get ready to melt into a puddle.