Two Brothers Get a Mortifying Call From Their Mom During a Political Discussion

Political pundits Brad and Dallas Woodhouse got the shock of their lives when their mother called into C-SPAN during a discussion about bipartisanship on Tuesday. The two brothers were alerted to a caller on the line — "Joy, from North Carolina" — during Washington Journal and were excited to hear from "someone down South," until she began speaking; Dallas then got a horrified look on his face before saying, "Oh God, it's Mom."

Joy goes on to scold her politically divided sons — Brad is a democrat, while Dallas is conservative — for arguing during the holidays, saying, "I disagree that all families are like ours," adding, "I don't know many families that are fighting on Thanksgiving. I was very glad that this Thanksgiving was the year that you two were supposed to go to your in-laws, and I'm hoping that you two will have some of this out of your system when you come here for Christmas." Watch the totally unplanned (and totally hilarious) on-air call above now.