Ellie Kemper and Nick Offerman Have No Idea What Crazy Things They're Nuzzling

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When Ellie Kemper and Nick Offerman appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden on Monday, they probably didn't expect to rub their faces against a sumo wrestler — or a live snake. That's exactly what happened, though, when the pair played a game called "Nuzzle Waaa?" with James and Thomas Middleditch. It started out easily enough, with the group nuzzling up against different foods, but things took a turn when a snake was brought out and Nick's mouth was inches away from its head. The best part may have been Ellie's reactions, though, because at some point, she could barely deal with it. Watch the clip above, then check out more must-see viral videos, including an epic sing-off between the Lion King and Aladdin casts.