Oprah Channeled Beyoncé For A Wrinkle in Time, and We're Going to Need a Moment

It's not every day that Oprah Winfrey takes a break from her packed schedule to film a sci-fi adventure film. If you're Ava DuVernay and that film is A Wrinkle in Time, well, then she's willing to make some time. At the LA premiere on Feb. 26, the 64-year-old legend spoke about why she signed on to play Mrs. Which and how her character sort of, kind of resembles Beyoncé.

While talking about her character's elaborate and futuristic look, Oprah admitted she was "actually happy to get it off at the end of every day." Adding, "It's a whole lot to put on, but when I did the whole scene out in the middle of the grasses and the golden grasses, I thought, 'I am a relative of Beyoncé — a distant relative of Beyoncé.'"

Though the project was demanding, Oprah said she did it all for the love she has for Ava. "And she did it for the love of me," Oprah added. "I said to her this morning, 'You don't have to give me any more presents because being Mrs. Which and seeing my poster going down Sunset, I had to stop the car and go, 'Woahhh, I'm on a bus stop.'" We have to imagine that wasn't the first time Oprah saw herself in a big ad campaign like that, but, you know, it's still nice.