1 of Pippa's Page Boys Was Having a Little Too Much Fun at Her Wedding

Pippa Middleton's wedding to James Matthews on Saturday brought out family, close friends, and even a few royals — but one of her guests, a young page boy, was having a little too much fun while mugging for the cameras. Pippa's sister Kate was tasked with keeping the tiny attendees under control — she was seen giving daughter Princess Charlotte a pep talk and shushing the group outside of the church, and as the little ones spotted the cameras outside, a blond page boy took the opportunity to get some poses out of his system. In one photo, it appears he's throwing up a hand sign that's commonly used in the UK and Ireland to say "F*ck you."

So, will this kid be the new Grace van Cutsem, who went viral when she was snapped covering her ears as planes flew overhead while Kate and Prince William kissed during their wedding in 2011? For what it's worth, Kate didn't look very happy with him . . . and Pippa probably won't be including these photos in her wedding album.