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Blackbeauty15385457 Blackbeauty15385457 3 years
Her best movie " Bikini Girl in Cabo "
golgesiz golgesiz 3 years
i love jennifer aniston.. <3
Erin-Ward Erin-Ward 3 years
She's still really beautiful. Girl's got it going on.
Charles2219927 Charles2219927 5 years
she,s stil very hot jennifer could put on some weight so she could even look hotter in my oppion
Andrew2457372 Andrew2457372 5 years
sh'es flat & skinny.  how this is deemed as beautiful in today's society is amazing
frumpster frumpster 5 years
not so hot. she needs to stop that tie-back business.
jutka jutka 5 years
she doesn't have saggy boobs it is just the way she keeps tying her bathing suit tops back to avoid strap lines. she always does that...she should just buy some bandeau's
Josh-Kinsington Josh-Kinsington 5 years
How can everyone say she has a "hot bod"?? She doesn't do much for me, her boobs are saggy and her physique is not that great. Why do people insist on seeing celebrities as though they have perfect bodies? If that wasn't JA, you guys wouldn't give such glowing posts.
shellwill shellwill 5 years
You just wrote an article stating that she was having what is it? Fabulous body or twins on the way...I'm confused!
hlea hlea 5 years
she is def. hot but i just couldnt love her! i have noidea why:/
Guest26 Guest26 5 years
She looks amazing always! 2011 was an awesome year for her and her fans, and I hope her 43rd year/2012 will be the same!
LealandMS LealandMS 5 years
Hot Bod!!!!
Mparker11 Mparker11 5 years
Happy birthday jen You are not just a beautiful face you are a total package.Wow! you are still wet behind the ears.
Perfection2011 Perfection2011 5 years
She definitely has the bod -- WOW a lot of trips to Mexico - too bad she is always doing the same old thing - so boring - tanning or dining out
Stacie2267874 Stacie2267874 5 years
Happy Birthday Jen!! You look beautiful!
Elizabeth2298326 Elizabeth2298326 5 years
reginalife reginalife 5 years
Be it in jeans or a bikini Jen is always fabulous! Happy Birthday Jennifer Aniston, I love you so much!
chasha chasha 5 years
in my dreams, I look like this.
jesusmorales jesusmorales 6 years
Ugly people with no talent make nasty comments; she's beautiful and has earned every bit of her success.
searching-soul searching-soul 6 years
I agree Janlea. I'm not even an Aniston fan but she looks really good and no one can take that away from her. The nasty comments are just a reflection of the insides of the people commenting. Nasty people make nasty comments. I can only hope to look as good in my 40's.
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