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berrymix berrymix 9 years
BRiles, that's what I thought too! Or maybe she was just pissed at the paparazzis?
BRiles BRiles 9 years
Is it just me or does Courtney Cox clearly hate him?
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
oh god i don't like him, i thought jen would have dumped him by now. why is he meeting courtney and why are they getting matching tattoos. she is desperate!!
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
Aww, I'm excited things are getting serious!! :).
tuscanstellina tuscanstellina 9 years
He just seems insincere in his relationships (well, the part that is public) and I personally find him slimy. I will be shocked to see this go long term.
Alek Alek 9 years
I was never invested in that whole Pitt-Jolie-Aniston triangle, but this I care about. No one should be dating that publicity-desperate douche, not even Aniston. Single is better than some things, and that guy is one of them for sure. I hope she dumps him, sees a doctor & moves on!
Jen-Fan Jen-Fan 9 years
I'm glad they are so happy together and things seem to be going well for them! They are both in their 30s so everything is great!
coachluvr33 coachluvr33 9 years
If we are going to call people out for being overrated, no-talent, media ho's, I must out Jessica Simpson. I don't think Jennifer falls into that category. I think she is adorable and I would love to see her happy after the whole Brangelina fiasco. I think all the drama about that has made people think of her as being a victim, etc, and that she felt sorry for herself for awhile, etc. Her husband cheated on her publicly with another woman and knocked her up before their divorce was final and now has went on to have like 10 kids with her while she hasn't found someone meaningful and stable yet. That is rough. I think she is a good person. I think Jessica Simpson is an idiot and she thought she was too good for Nick. Why? What exactly is her talent? Ugh.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
Pointing out how fake her laugh looks in one photo is hardly hating. Oh, but I guess to the Jen fanatics, anything less than blind worship is construed as hate. If I were to call her something like an over rated, no-talent media ho, that would be hating. But, I didn't, because I think she does have good comedic timing, even if her last few films were not very successful. And I've probably seen more of her films than most of her so-called fans and defenders. Still think that laugh looks fake and posed though
SusanGrace SusanGrace 9 years
Gawd Ginger! Do you ever stop Hating on Jennifer Aniston? Why bother coming to ANY thread about her????? On a more Positive note! Looks like Jennifer is having fun. I think she deserves it :) I still hope John Stamos calls her. LOL! It doesn't matter as long as she is happy.
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 9 years
Love Courtney's face in the 2nd pic. It's like, 'Yeah, John. Whateva.' :rotfl:
rachelcal rachelcal 9 years
i'm so happy for her
rpenner rpenner 9 years
I still have a hard time believing that John can actual be serious about a chick. But they do seem happy so all the power to them. I thought perhaps Jen too was just looking to have a good time but bringing him around the Cox-Arquettes seems pretty serious!
balalaika balalaika 9 years
I like her friendship w/ Cox but I hope John is not just pimping Jen.
Sica Sica 9 years
Omg, he seems to be sooo cool! I really love him, I'm glad that Jen is happy and moving on, she deserves it! :)
j2e1n9 j2e1n9 9 years
myperry myperry 9 years
I think it's wonderful that Jen and Courteney are so close and are there for each other. This also includes vetting the new boyfriend. I love Jen & Courteney's laid back style - they look gorgeous in just a t-shirt and jeans.
Briandiesel Briandiesel 9 years
yah, I'm completely over these stalker photos-
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i guess courtney is kind of like family to her, so it makes sense to bring him around. think about it though, being compared to brad- that's got to be hard.
Ginger Ginger 9 years
How weird it must be to hang out with them since Friends was on while he was in high school. But not as weird as the creepy stalker factor in this photos! Or Jen's strange laugh face that looks sort of fake.
shannon_xo shannon_xo 9 years
i think they make a great couple :)
meggiemegs meggiemegs 9 years
I really like these two together.
rgrl rgrl 9 years
I just can't get used to these two as a couple. I like each of them, but he looks so darn young when he's with her. :baby:
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 9 years
i doubt jenn needs permission from court
Zahara-Pitt Zahara-Pitt 9 years
aaaw, how lovely
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