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bettieleetwo bettieleetwo 9 years
Or he could just be living his life... and I cannot see George Clooney letting some woman use him as a stepping stone to fame - not when he worked so hard for so long.
birdle birdle 9 years
Actually that "photo" is actually three totally different photos taken at different times. It's very doubtful that George Clooney would choose for his bedroom one of the only rooms people can see from the road outside his house. Obviously some people who created the little recent rumour had to try to find proof about it... and since they couldn't find any, they had to do this little montage in order to have one.
Cristella Cristella 9 years
Her name is Mila and she is a model from Montenegro!
dbanner dbanner 9 years
This is too invasive for my liking.
gopg8r gopg8r 9 years
First, just look at the bedding ... do you think THAT bedding is in George Clooney's bedroom?? It definitely looks like a guest room. And a new low for the paps - looking INTO people's houses. Shouldn't ever happen. As for the girl, someone wrote on another website that it is the wife of the guy who was on the boat earlier.
ella1978 ella1978 9 years
The rumor that I read this morning was that he has been seeing a new woman for MONTHS. He apparently wanted to break up with Sara a long time ago, but was letting her get a foot in the "proverbial" door in Hollywood.
Aquamarina Aquamarina 9 years
George is sexy and she....not!
luvclooney7 luvclooney7 9 years
I don't jump to conclusions. I can't get George clooney out of my mind. That's why I'm still here.
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 9 years
The woman in pic 5 looks ghostly.
Iris1000 Iris1000 9 years
George's image is huge! I heard him speak at an event and he seems like a regular guy who works at and enjoy his profession. I like it that he stands up for what he believes in and for the little guy as well. I think he should date or marry whomever he wants. And there is no reason why that cannot be me. Hold your jealousy!
bbabe bbabe 9 years
looks like tabitha26 and i are the only ones who can see this man is bisexual or perhaps even gay. poor sarah was just a beard...
Marci Marci 9 years
I'm just glad he got rid of Sarah Larson (Lawson?)
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
I'm so jealous Bella! :p
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
What a little playa! Gotta love George!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Nothing wrong with her hair. I think she looks gorgeous and I can't imagine having to put up with "ethnic hair" or trying to make it look sleek and straight to conform with certain beauty standards. And he's a ho. Any woman on here who breaks up with someone, and starts dating or sleeping with someone else a couple weeks later would get total and complete shit for it.
JenBrett JenBrett 9 years
she looks like Piggy from the Australia season of Road Rules. How come useless stuff like that sticks in my head but I can't remember if i put on deodorant in the AM?
tabitha26 tabitha26 9 years
So sad pretty George has to live all the way in Italy to keep his relationships private. Or not. Who can't see that this playboy plays for both teams?! I mean he'll be pulling a Lindsay Ronson any minute. Especially if his films keep flopping. At least he has the villa and nice abs (and new teeth). (and an Oscar!)
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 9 years
Um, what's wrong with her hair? Looks good to me. I like seeing George dressed all casual. He looks hot!
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
it's probably harmless like a friend or something. we all couldn't imaging that he would be onto someone new so fast. i would LOVE to spend time at that house in italy though!
Mormolok Mormolok 9 years
she's in the same room as he is..the room has a bed, so she can't be his friend's wife, of someone else's friend...if you know men like him, you know that he's not staying alone too much. trust me i know this type...and then again, good for him
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
Maybe she's just a guest.
outofhere outofhere 9 years
bellasugar :rotfl:
gabyguhu gabyguhu 9 years
my husband is not cheating on me! jajaja probably just a friend... the wife of the guy in the boat etc etc etc
Kitty-Collins Kitty-Collins 9 years
she look so cute, love that dress.
darlene darlene 9 years
She has to be just a friend I'm hoping
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