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silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
If you look, you'll see that skanknalis's hair is several inches longer in the current cooking show pics versus the old "date" pics.
lisarae lisarae 6 years
I agree with so confused- first off silverscreen she has talent- it just isn't acting!She insulted an entire religion with her naked nun photos, was involved with a nasty scandal involving whoring for coke in 2 nightclubs in Milan,lied with that Peta ad, is anything but a asset to him, why wouldn't he distance himself from her? How can he be in London and Italy at the same time and if it is a lie, why is he letting it be? I think for whatever reason he's okay with harming his image and career unless she's got something really bad on him- he can have anyone,why pick such a whore
so-confused so-confused 6 years
silverscreen why won't George just come out publicly and tell the press he left her?
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
The point is this kind of garbage is the only way she can get publicity. She has no talent of her own. Using George's name is all she can do to get publicity. Anyway, it will become evident soon enough that George isn't with her.
lisarae lisarae 6 years
silverscreen- I don't get what's the point? Why say he is there if he isn't-maybe you're wrong- maybe this is the real deal- for his career I hope not but it's just so far fetched that this is staged
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
Also, George's friend Ben Weiss has been cropped out of these pics, but he's in the same pics on other sites. It wasn't a romantic dinner even when it took place, which was months ago.
silverscreen silverscreen 6 years
They're just more old pics being sent out with press releases by skanknalis's publicist. I predicted months ago that she would do this, hold back old pics and send them out later to make it appear they are together when they're not.
lisarae lisarae 6 years
Hey silverscreen- guess you were wrong- too bad - for his career
lisarae lisarae 6 years
You can light her by candle but can't change what she is- she allegedly whored herself out for coke, is always posing naked and posed topless as a nun- looks like Gravity will be as popular as the American because of her
ilanac13 ilanac13 6 years
so much for those break up rumors - it's nice to see them together - it seems like their best quality time is when they are in Italy no? anyway, i adore them and i hope that their happiness continues.
popfaninMD popfaninMD 6 years
What a beautiful restaurant. What a romantic couple.
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