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CalliopePoppi CalliopePoppi 9 years
honestly, it will be a bit of a relief if the whole baggy jeans look is coming back into style... i'm so sick and tired of the pooches of fat that pop up out of nowhere every time i sit down!
joannn joannn 9 years
In the 2nd picture, she looks like a man! Geez, will it kill her to grow her hair out so she doesnt look like she's 70?
BostonChick BostonChick 9 years
That hair...not good for her. I guess I'd rather look younger then my age then like that...thanks to Katie for making me realize that.
zaferjacks zaferjacks 9 years
Truth is, the critics on Maggie are mix same with Katie but then again most critics are hard and mix when it comes to the generic wasted girlfriends of this type of films. Only Michelle Pheiffer w/ Keaton's Batman and Margot Kidder with Christopher Reeves' Superman are the most heralded of the women. But Katie is getting more renewed love from the public and Batman fans.Their interest on Maggie is waning while Katie is gaining so much momentum.
Iris1000 Iris1000 9 years
In some cases being married has a way of making you look a bit, well... I like the way she looked before they got married. Nice and fresh.
zaferjacks zaferjacks 9 years
TomKat are a good looking and happy family. I miss Suri. Maggie sucks and ruins the the continuity. Her Rachel looks older than Bale and was such a prick. Katie had that sweet gentle girl next door appeal. She also looks so believable in the arms of Christian Bale.
quantumleap quantumleap 9 years
Katie looks cute besides she's just doing errands. Please post their All my Sons promo pic because Katie and Patrick Wilson looks so hot. I echo the sentiments that Katie was superior than Gyllenhaal from the acting,hot factor and chemistry with Bale and Eckhart.
MissAmyC MissAmyC 9 years
Robot Katie again? Next please.
lisa101 lisa101 9 years
im a little bit older than katie, like 9 months and trust me she looks ooolllllllllddddddddddd
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
Thank you California, I was starting to feel a little "out there" with that opinion. LOLOL Everyone that I've told I wasn't absolutely GAGA about the movie has told me I needed to see a shrink. LOL
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
Mykie7 - I totally agree with you. I thought Dark Knight was good, not great, but it was worth watching just for Heath's performance. And I was surprised that Maggie wasn't an improvement over Katie because I think Maggie is a far better actress but Katie Holmes was actually alright as Rachel Dawes and had more chemistry with Christian Bale than Maggie Gyllenhaal.
browneyedchica browneyedchica 9 years
I can't stand Maggie G, wish it was Katie in The Dark Knight!
tuscanstellina tuscanstellina 9 years
I'm not liking the hair.
EuroLaura EuroLaura 9 years
OMG the difference is shocking (thanks ck12). Poor girl, she looks old and run down... why would anyone with her sort of money have to look like this?
ck12 ck12 9 years
Geez....this is how she looked less than 4 years ago...seems like an entirely different human.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 9 years
i dunno... i thought maggie's performance in the dark knight was much better than katie's. she made the character rachel dawes more likable, but then again, i think maggie is a better actress
L0neLyHeArT L0neLyHeArT 9 years
She seems sad.
Rancher'sGirl Rancher'sGirl 9 years
She seems to have it all, but she looks very tired and forlorn. She's too young to be this unhappy.
dioraddict dioraddict 9 years
These pics strongly support my theory that Tom Cruise is literally taking the life (and youth) out of her.
Amesabelle Amesabelle 9 years
I think what you saw as cold and calculating, I saw as feisty and smart. :) Which is what I thought Rachel Dawes should have been. I never got the impression that this head-strong ADA was supposed to be a warm and fuzzy character. But you know what, I'm also biased, because I don't think I've seen a role with Maggie where I didn't like her. I also like Katie Holmes, but in a more "protective" way, I guess. She's still working on building her acting chops, so to speak.
jaan_black jaan_black 9 years
whoa, is that one of the Golden Girls?
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
Amesa, I'll agree that Katie isn't big screen material. She's definitely small screen. However, I really thought Katie's portrayal was more believable and warm than Maggie's. I think that's why I liked her. Maggie comes across as cold and calculating in everything she does. I don't see warmth in her in any aspect and I think that's why I just can't stomach her acting.
Evalicious Evalicious 9 years
Tom Cruise ruined her.
mod16 mod16 9 years
Amesabelle Amesabelle 9 years
Katie was horrible and wooden in Batman Begins. Maggie gave Rachel Dawes some depth and made her interesting and believable, in my opinion. Katie is prettier than Maggie is (who is attractive in a different way), and I get the impression that soured the reception Maggie got for the role. I really liked her in the movie. Katie was even bad when she was supposed to be unconscious in the first film at the end. Unfortunately, I think some people are made to be on television and some are big screen personalities. Katie should stick with television - she will probably be great on Eli Stone.
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