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ffrski ffrski 5 years
It is not 90 degrees in L.A. It has been unseasonally cool for the past week. In fact, it's currently still light outside, just 6:30pm and 66 degrees. It's even cooler at the beach and for those of us that live in L.A., this is cover-up weather. So, Rob is justified in wearing layers & hoodie. And, he actually need to have on those shorts considering the lack of leg color (white, white, white).
arrowstraite arrowstraite 5 years
Rob and 'sappy Sammy'. lol Rob's adorable.
Honey2380 Honey2380 5 years
Yes are funny if He hangs out with pals is gay and when hangs out with gals is manwhore Rob can't have friends, some of his crazy fans will make up false rumors like this.He's a normal dude who hangs out with friends like his girl Kristen :)
serious? I'd punch my BF if he ever went into public looking like this. that gay coments are funny
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
He's not gay. He may be bi, but he's not gay.
poppyfly poppyfly 5 years
OMG. They are so cute together. Different day, different boyfriend. Rob is a manwhore. I support gay couple. You go Rob.
The-H-in-Hollywood The-H-in-Hollywood 5 years
How long will he be in LA i wonder, and where does he stay there?
MissLovely27 MissLovely27 5 years
Who are all these people saying it's 90 in Los Angeles?!?! Clearly you live in middle america! 76 is the high for today.... and who knows what time of the day it was! Right now at 8:30 it's only 67. Get your facts straight people! He might be a little warm in sweatshirt but most of the time here it's pretty mild,,,mid 70s or low 80s! High 80's at's only 90 like two weeks of the year! Sorry guys but a sweatshirt will not generally make you way to hot in LA...hardly ever. Very temperate weather! -Sorry to be obnoxious LA girl... love to you.... LA Lizzy
pm0407 pm0407 5 years
Awww, nice to see him out and about with his buddies. The dude deserves some downtime.
slanggal slanggal 5 years
Robert Pattinson shops? He's WORRIED about Kristen, really?
musiclover88 musiclover88 5 years
Yeah, that's one of his besties Sam Bradley. Super sweet guy and a FABULOUS musician. He's got some shows coming up.
jaan_black jaan_black 5 years
is that his boyfriend? I've heard of some "friend" that's always with him b/c he's "with" him...anywayz, I'd still hit it
Robstenlove Robstenlove 5 years
Rob enjoy your vacation, you deserve that and much more. However, we are eager to know what their next project.
CG CG 5 years
Aw, Rob and Sam. I hope he enjoys his time in L.A.
karenenselay karenenselay 5 years
oh i doubt rob has shirt inside and for sure their house is air conditioned so he's still cool for a few minute walk outside even its 90 degrees! Needless, Rob indeed is not materialistic. He doesn't care what other might say about his down-to-earth look. :) Love you Rob!
sydneyca sydneyca 5 years
Dear Sam, Please tell YOUR FRIEND that' it is 90_______ degrees in LA right now and that hoodie is just wrong! So are those sandals from 1999. Sincerely, Me PS. Wear sunblock.
muriat muriat 5 years
Yes, it does look like Sam is extracting a major wedgy. However, I can overlook that, because Robert is walking next to him, and he is fiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnneeeee. I mean, he is completely oblivious as to how gorgeous he is. Major cuteness all the way. (salivating). You are such a fine, fine, man.
Honey2380 Honey2380 5 years
Damn He's hot!
BolanFan1 BolanFan1 5 years
So,is it just me or is Sam totally picking a wedgie out of his ass????
lovelylu lovelylu 5 years
That's Sam Bradley with him. He's super cute, and yeah for him finally donning shorts in the dead heat of summer over her in LA, but boy! Take off the layers! Don't wear sweatshirts in 90 degree weather. Good god, it's a miracle he's never fainted in all his layers.
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